NPICO is the agent of Delta test GmbH in Egypt DELTA TEST is working in the field of non-destructive material testing since 1988 and has specialized in eddy current inspections over the last 20 years. The scope of work include but not limited to :

•Heat exchanger inspections with eddy current

•Mechanised eddy current inspections with crawlers and scanners, shaft and weldolet inspections, inspections of sand lances and flange sealing surfaces, Eddy current inspections of threads and bolts of reactor pressure vessel as well as the eddy current inspection in cramped rooms by 2-axle manipulator

•Boiler tube inspections

•Surface crack inspections

•Turbine blade inspections Furthermore we offer the manufacturing of certified calibration objects with defined calibration defects. The manufacturing will, of course, be effected according to your wishes and requirements.


What we do.

Used & new Tricone and PDC supply and Service.
Oil and Gas Services

Our success.

Our success is based on our ability to provide quick, responsive solutions and actions. At the 2200 sq.m workshop in Alexandria or the 4400 sq.m workshop in Cairo, every piece of equipment is refurbishment to the highest international standard. In addition to a mobile workshop equipped with all facilities, tools, & equipment needed for onsite services.


NPICO is committed to provide a quality service in a genuine 24 hours call out basis in a healthy & safe environment for its employees & customers.