Since 1995, NPICO is presenting Furmanite services to the Egyptian oil and gas, Petrochemicals , Refineries, Power Stations and other related industry.
Such services include but not limited to : 1. On line and under pressure leak sealing
2. Online composite repair
3. Online safety valve calibration ( TreviTest )
4. Onsite machining service
5. Hot tapping and line stopping
6. Pipe freezing
7. Bolting services
8. Floating Tank roof repair
9. Heat treatment
10. Valve repair
11. Self Sealing repair clamps
Our Local trained technicians are committed to present the service for emergency work onshore, offshore or subsea.


What we do.

Used & new Tricone and PDC supply and Service.
Oil and Gas Services

Our success.

Our success is based on our ability to provide quick, responsive solutions and actions. At the 2200 sq.m workshop in Alexandria or the 4400 sq.m workshop in Cairo, every piece of equipment is refurbishment to the highest international standard. In addition to a mobile workshop equipped with all facilities, tools, & equipment needed for onsite services.


NPICO is committed to provide a quality service in a genuine 24 hours call out basis in a healthy & safe environment for its employees & customers.